I think I may have spotted the perfect woman

I think I may have spotted the perfect woman at Logan International Airport. She is forty-ish, brown hair about shoulder length, pale skin, blue eyes, dressed very well. The way she works the laptop and cell phone at the same time leads me to believe she is rather savvy with the technology.

What kept me from talking to her? The huge wedding ring and matching diamond earrings with a bit of bling on the wrist. Sure, she may have been nearly perfect for me, but she was completely perfect for someone else already.

I am sure she has noticed me. In fact it is obvious. I have a cold and keep blowing my nose – oh how unsexy I am today.

She moved seats – not closer, but facing me. Maybe there is a chance.

Ah – no, just a better angle at the television in the bar. Wow! Soaps are sure showing a lot these days. It’s nearly as bad as Skin-O-Max.

That’s my flight, let’s see if she follows.