A Parade of Freaks Marches on

The exhibit floor was nearly empty except for the few stragglers. She was very noticeable as she walked to me wearing the stretchy waistband khakis all the trendy moms wore a decade ago. Her left hand was full of the white taffy she had just bought from the sweetshop on the second floor.

I greeted her with a good morning and asked if she was looking for anything. She proceeded to take a wad of the taffy like a baseball pitcher with tobacco and place it in her right jaw. Wiping the bit of drool that dripped from her chipmunk cheek she replied something forgettable. “Don’t look away” I told myself, “it would be rude.” Then, with sweet release, her hand went back in to her mouth and pulled out the semi-masticated morsel of white chew and replaced it in the wrapped. She smiled, stuck out her hand to shake and said, “Silly me, where are my manners?” She shook my hand with a gooey grace, and then proceeded to smack her lips as she sucked the sweetness off of each finger tip.

“What am I thinking?” she continued “I have to get to the next session” then turned and walked away.

A good present to buy P2 this year – hand sanitizer.