Last weeks question: What are the Five powers you would choose if you could have any powers?


1. Healing powers. I want to be impervious to disease and whatever my enemies throw at me, and I want to be able to heal others as well.

2. Invisibility. That would just be cool, especially if I continue to teach.

3. The ability to walk through walls at will, perhaps also floors. It just seems like it would be easier, and it would work well with invisibility.

4. I would like to be able to speak, understand, read, and write any language.

5. I want to be able to read and sway minds. It would make teaching alot easier.

6. I'd want Ben's wallet to have a purse companion for me. (Her husband Ben would like to have a wallet with special powers. His wallet would have exactly the amount of money he needed in it at all times. So if he wanted a hotdog, it would have $2. If he wanted a steak dinner, $30. I'd like a purse withthe same ability.)


1. Time Travel – yes technically, I travel through time every second I am alive, but go back and forth through time is what this power provides

2. Shape Shift - look and sound like another person

3. Clarity of Truth – knowing the truth of incidents or statements fromother people. So if the media sys one thing, I'll know the truth - When a woman says, it's me not you, I'll still know it's really me. This should prove me to be crazy with in a week.

4. Limited Immortality – I would look young forever, and have one certain way to die that only I knew how to carry out (just in case floating through space forty millenniums from now after the earth blows up, I really want to end it all)

5. Forgiveness – true, I do posses this power currently, however I find it limiting and I rarely use it


1. To be able to let insensitive comments not hurt me.

2. To be able to think before I speak. If that doesn't work, because well, most of the time it doesn't, I would like to have a rewind button so I can go back and correct what I said.

3. To be able to rearrange time. When I'm bored I can take some of that time and put it in with the time when I am busy.

4. To be able to sound like any singer I wanted.

5. To be able to stay healthy without eating well and exercising.

This weeks question: What are the five things you think people over look the most?

e.g. Television shows, books, acts of kindness, people, laws. Check back next Wednesday