Safe Festival Tips

When visiting a beer festival, there are some important rules to follow for your safety and the safety of those you love.

First, always have a drinking buddy. In this group, can you pair you the drinking partners that will look out for one another?

That’s right, Ben and Kyle, Kristi and Amy, Shaun and Mike.

A drinking buddy will let you have a fun time, but not make an ass in front of your significant other, ex-girlfriend, or potential girlfriend. Wear bright colors so they can find you in a crowd.

Second, never wear white and try to sneak across the river to avoid the $25 cover at the gate. The river is not that clean, your underwear is not that clean, and dirty-dirty boys with digital cameras will take pictures for the web.

Next, learn to pace yourself in consuming beverages. Double fisted drinking and dancing for extra drink tokens are two signs that you are well on your way to a fun evening.

Finally, be certain to remove all toilet paper from the toilet seat, your ass, and from your pants before leaving the port-a-potties.

Following these few tips could make the difference between a fun time, and social embarrassment.

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