Friendship Question

Recently I have been experiencing deep thoughts. Not the kind Jack Handy is known for. More focused on the specific subject of friendship. I have seen that the exquisite and gifted Cheryl has written on the topic recently – and it has been inspiring.

If I may borrow your brains, I’d like anyone interested, to answer a few questions. Your responses can be in reply to this blog, or on your own site (just please let me know where to find it.) Your thoughts can be as deep as Jack Handy, or as shallow as a pool of oil floating on top of water.

Thanks for answering:

1) What makes a friend, a “best friend?”

2) Is friendship based more on location (down stairs, in the dorm, driving distance, across the country), shared experiences (sport, organization, interest), or a common bond (beliefs, family, marriage, or mutual friends)?

3) What would be more likely to end or push the limits of a best friend? Back stabbing, change in location, dating former ex or something else? Please give example if you can.

4) Are there unspoken, mutually understood, rules to friendship? For example, never date an ex with out asking or flirting with my current “other” is a bad – those are just common examples; other rules would be appreciated.

As a side note, all of my current friendships are just fine. There is no need to worry if any of you are reading. It would be nice if you gave your thoughts as well.
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