The last BBQ of Summer

This weekend may have been the last of the summer for me and the gang. School is starting back up for some, vacation plans have passed, and for me the travel begins shortly.

Jeff bought a house early in the summer. The place is great. Good location, in solid shape, and he has good taste. Slowly it has been coming together very nicely. Jason bought a new car. Kyle got a new truck. Shaun… well Shaun had a pretty good summer too. I am very happy for the boys.

Ben and Shaw had several weddings this summer, and we all have at least one more to go. All of the boys are single. Ben is certain that they will all find someone and get married in the same year, because they are always doing things as a group. If for no other reason, I bet they will, just to piss Ben off.

We avoided the Woodward Dream Cruise. It is world famous in Detroit, although few locals enjoy or attend. Woodward Avenue, a major four lane road connecting Detroit to the suburbs, was the main strip for boomers to drive up and down in high school muscle cars. Once a year vintage car enthusiast all make a pilgrimage in their restored vehicles to Woodward in an impromptu parade as on lookers line the curbs. It smells awful, brings traffic to a crawl, and gets way too much attention.

Kyle told one of the best jokes I have heard in years. Unfortunately, it was very dirty and decorum prohibits me from writing it out here.

After some great food and several great stories it was time to drive home. Unfortunately, traffic jams and construction added another half hour to our already hour long trip. Ben tried several time to spit on law breakers passing us on the right shoulder. If he could find something to throw, he would have. Nothing angers him more then bad drivers – and there are plenty of those in Michigan.

We end the summer with a good sense of being tired from accomplishments and fond memories. The rest of August is filled with obligations and getting back in to the swing of things.

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