Weekend at Lake Louise

Parental units 3 and 5 had me up to the Lake Louise cabin with sibling units 1, 5, and 6. It was my first time. Going “up-north” in Michigan is required by state law for all residents. It’s similar to Muslims traveling to Mecca, but this happens as many times each year as possible opposed to once a life time. (Later in the week I will re-post a previous trip to Marquette for a dog sled race.)

It’s a great cabin north of the 45th parallel (where northern Michigan really begins.) Conditions were ideal. There are two main seasons in Michigan, winter and Construction. Blue skies, moderate temperatures, and only an hour of traffic back ups.

Lake Louise is a wonderful area. Sibling unit 6 took sibling unit 1 and I on a tour of lake. Everyone got time to catch up on each others lives. After dinner I was introduced to the Whippy Dip – where they sell Pop (not soda or Coke, just the way we like it in Michigan) and Milky-way Ice Cream.

Sibling unit 5 has been a student in China for a few years, and we spent the night learning how to play, ah Magion? Mazion-ga? I know it wasn’t Pi Gow – that’s in Las Vegas. It involves tiles and making four sets of three and two pair. Fun game once you learn the Chinese language. Good memories.

In the morning we played with the seasonal member of the cabin, Chipper. Who will eat out of your hand, or in your hand, or on your back, in your lap, and if you don’t have a peanut – take you by the shirt collar and beat the snot out of you. I think he works for one of the unions in Chicago during the winter.

In the afternoon I went to Mackinaw. Once I mentioned I was going up north at one point in the weekend, ten people asked me to bring back fudge. I hope that four pounds is enough.

The drive home, for those of us who enjoy long drives, was great. I avoided the construction, listened to a great Mp3 mix, and got some great XM radio time in. I took I-75 to 127. This route takes you past five of the seventeen major colleges in Michigan. Its always good to make friends when you travel. My advice – always be willing to make a new friend and you’ll never have a bad trip.

Enjoy the pictures.