The World Best Cat

My sister owns the greatest cat ever. His name is Spencer. I know, all of you cat lovers out there will disagree, that you own the worlds greatest feline, or know someone who does. But if you don’t know my sister, you would be wrong. Spencer celebrates his first birthday this Halloween and he is the best cat in the world.

Recently my good friend Shaw sent me a very funny site called “Stuff on my Cat” which is updated every few days. When she sent me this link – I spent hours laughing. Usually, my sense of humor is more sophisticated then Americas Funniest Home Video’s, the same type of humor this site has, but it still got me going. I am not a fan of dressing animals up. The balancing of items on a cat while it naps all afternoon is hilarious to me.

So this past weekend as I drove all over southeastern Michigan for a family reunion, 50 year anniversary, and hanging with the sibs, I had planned to put stuff on Spencer for a photo - because he is the worlds greatest cat and deserves to be on the web. But I never got the chance. I did get to put a lot of miles on my car, spend money on over priced and over taxed Michigan gas, see several people from my past for several hours, and debate my single status with several suggestions of suitable females companions.

The best part of the weekend was, of course, being with two of the original sibs from the longest embodiment of the family unit. We went to the pie shop on the corner that has changed names so many times over the years I can’t remember what it’s called these days. It was good to catch up. We ate French Silk pie and learned that one should never order it with ice cream.

Unfortunately, I never remembered to put something on Spencer. Sure we would play with the laser pointer to see how many times he could run in a circle. I dangled string for an hour. Even while I tried to sleep he wanted to bat at my toes, jump on the belly, or pounce on my arm. But I was so distracting that I never remembered to put stuff on him and pick up the camera. Maybe next time.
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