Viva Las Vegas

Today began at five in the morning. The sun was not up, but I was. An early flight to Las Vegas to do a sight visit for a conference in the spring of 2006 I was disappointed to not get the first class upgrade. I am a travel snob. But it is not unwarranted. There have been many miles flown in a short amount of time to get the upgrade with nearly every flight. Rather then enjoy the wide comfortable seats of 6C (my favorite seat in the 757 series) I stared at the back of a mans neck, which looked like a pack of hot dogs with a pimple on it, for four hours. My seat was the second to last on the plane.

Las Vegas is like a second home to me, well more like a third after Chicago. Actually I have spent nearly as much time in San Francisco. Las Vegas is like a fourth home to me…

I am off the strip at the Rio. After the first meeting, we tour the hotel and convention center. It is nice. The people here are friendly. To me, it is really just another hotel. Did you ever wonder what the Presidential Suite looks like?

Presidential Bathroom

Presidential living room and bedroom. When I asked which presidents have stayed here, the host said, well none. This is reserved for high rollers.

How about the view from the top of the Rio?

This is my good buddy Scott, whom I work with. He and the team are great people and enjoyable to work with. If you love what you do, it’s not really work, now is it? Part of our sight visit is to inspect the facility to make sure that it can meet all the electric and computer needs of the conference. This location exceeds expectations, it has both.

The flight back is Thursday – I already have the up grade. Should have more to report later, and will post one of my favorite stories later this week.

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