Autumn in New York

Today I write to you from New York. As I walk the streets people are saying to one another “remember when Cheryl was here? It was so fun. Such good times.” Then they see me and ask “when is Cheryl coming back? It hasn’t been the same since she left.” Politely I tell them “its too cold here for Cheryl – she will come back next summer.”

Then they press the issue, step it up a notch, as New Yorkers can do, “No, you don’t understand. We want to see Cheryl.” At this point I start to walk away “I only read her blog – my word man! She hardly knows I exist.” This is when I start to run as they chase me.

Luckily, at my hotel tonight Mathew Broderick and Nathan Lane are having their opening party for the Odd Couple - security is tight. So this mob is stopped at the automatic revolving door by two huge guys “packing heat” while they let me pass.

What can I say? They really like Cheryl. But then don’t we all?

Traveler Advisory:

When you have the opportunity to choose which person to check into a hotel with – always pick the one that looks most like your prom date. It will give you a natural advantage of being slightly more energized. A smile, polite behavior, and slight flirtation can get you an upgrade.

What is the difference between a Marriott at $200 a night and the Marriott New York Marquis at $400? In New York, you get a full size candy bar, not just a mint on the pillow.
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