The Langley School Music Project

I have been thinking a lot about music lately. Part of this is because of the Great Mix Experiment of Aught Five (there is still time to participate if you are interested.) Part of it is because music has such an influence on our lives.

A good song can make your day just as much as a bad song causes you to jump up to change the channel. Most often a song will take me back to a time or memory I have tried so hard to forget and put behind me.

While I know that I do not have the greatest taste in music, when I put a mix together, it proves just how fickle and obtuse I can be.

Browsing i-Tunes, looking through the celebrity lists as a dirty pleasure, I came across Frodo’s list. Well that short actor guy who plays Frodo. I really enjoyed his choices and ended up down loading “The Langley School Music Project.” Call me old and out of it, but this was the first I had head of this album. Recorded in the Langley school gym, with all of those hokey instruments, students sing the pop music of the day.

As a short walk down amnesia lane, it is really fun to hear them belt out songs like “Major Tom,” “God Only Knows,” “In My Room,” and the best “Sweet Caroline” I have heard in years. Many of the students are better than the original artist’s interpretation. It is pure and innocent while being very fun. Maybe I just look forward to being a dad one day having to listen to the school concerts and choir – but it is something special - that is for certain.
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