Resume Review

After several requests I have decided to update my dating resume. Before I go and post it, I would like to know what types of things you think I should include in it. My previous experience at this was a funny story – but not an effective resume.

Reviewing my resume came to mind this week after my annual review. I have a hard time sitting with my boss, whom I respect and adore, taking so many compliments. Well, I think they are compliments – they seem like compliments. A simple “good job – here's some more money” would be fine with me. Instead I avoid eye contact, bite my lip, and nod my head a lot. Who am I to argue?

It turns out that I haven’t been working for this company as long as I thought. For some reason, we celebrated my 7th anniversary with the company last August, but the paperwork reveals I have only been working here for six years. I am reminded of my 23rd birthday when I honestly thought I was turning 22. It’s not like think about the topic every day.
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