Stop & Say "Hello Mellow Fellow"

There are dozens of people who stop by the site everyday:

- People I work with and have overheard rumors of the awful things I write about them here (untrue – Scott makes it all up)
- Friends of friends who are in other states or cities whom I have never actually met
- The people in Spain, Argentina, and Taiwan that log in at least once a week each
- My good friend has a sibling who lives in Kalamazoo who stops by
- A person in Lavonia Michigan who logs in every hour on Sundays
- Long lost fraternity brothers
- Or hell, even those close friends of mine, watching in the distant recesses of the internet, waiting for the moment to pounce and take over the world

To these fine people, who click off the meter with each visit boosting my ego, I say thank you, why not log in and say hello while passing through. You are more than welcome to comment, post an opinion, or as GBW says “O-Pine.”

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