Three Questions

Question #1
There are 22 ways to break someone’s heart. One of them is to actually break the rib cage, pull it out while still beating, show it to the person, and let them fall – just like in Kung Fu movies. Aside from actually physically breaking ones heart, what are one of the other 21 ways your heart, a friends heart, or have you broken someone’s heart?

Question #2
You see idiots every day. They are at the store, drive in front of you, and leave lipstick in the public laundry. What is the best idiot story you have ever heard or seen?

Question #3
Cupid has been a busy fellow over the last few centuries. He has been making people fall for each other around the clock and has finally gotten approval for a week’s vacation. But while Cupid is out for the next week, you have to be true in your aim with sling and arrow for him. What are the five new celebrity couples I will be reading about in the tabloids next week while you are on the job?
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