Under the Shadow of the Moon

The doctor had placed four high powered Neodymium magnets plated with stainless steel under his skin. He sunk them into small divots carved into the surface of the skull. Two pair placed on either side of the widow’s peak. Sewing the flap of skin to carefully hide the incision behind the black thick hair the surgeon had fulfilled his end of the agreement.

After two weeks Danny gently peeled off the bandages from his scalp. The spots shaved by the nurse for the procedure were already stubble.

Each day of recovery he had removed the carefully crafted three and one half inch egg shell colored horns from the shipping container. They were smooth like an East Indian silk.

Danny stood, exposed, in front of his full length mirror admiring the near perfection of his own body. His thin frame tight with muscle honed from hours of training was beautiful, but incomplete.

When Danny saw the prosthetic horns drawn into place from the invisible pulling force of the magnets for the first time he felt a euphoria only equaled by the strongest narcotics. The metamorphosis he had worked years for was now complete. He had become Grigori – a fallen watcher let loose on our world.
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