Dwight Lives

Last week in New York I met some very interesting people. One of them reminded me of a character from the NBC television series “The Office.”

He tried a little too hard to make friends with co workers. Basketball was the forced subject with union guys who politely smiled and pretended to be interested. While he didn’t talk about his beat farm with his brother or the volunteer fire department work he may have participated in, there was an unnecessary shoulder touch that occurred with everyone who stopped by the booth – the expression on their faces were telling.

On the last day of the event, when the booth staff of each company started to walk the floor looking to trade the extra pens, guide of NYC, mouse pads, and other assorted cheep giveaways so they wouldn’t have to carry them home, our Dwight-a-like (guy on far left) nabbed three round stress balls from another booth and attempted to show off his trained talent of juggling in front of some of the booth babes. The basic’s he had down. When it came to the over the shoulder toss back in to the mix, he missed. As a perfectionist, he tried again. Missed, then tried again. Time after time he stood there for an hour never fully making the trick complete.

After packing up my booth and filling out my paperwork I stopped to make sure he had things under control and didn’t break anything. He insisted on exchanging business cards so that we could keep up with one another after becoming ‘such good buds.’

So far – no emails or calls, I’m a little heart broken.
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