My weekend on my back… if it was only as good as it sounds

My investment in the huge high definition television has paid for itself this weekend. From the last post you know that I hurt my back on Thanksgiving and have been moving back and forth between the couch and the bed room. I have caught up on all my bad movie watching and have expanded my knowledge with many documentaries and travel guides.

The worst of these movies you should avoid at all cost are “Time Line” and “The Core.” Both are B movies that are as fun as picking a scab. In fact, the reason I watched the first title was because I dropped the remote. Between the pain of moving and the suffering of watching, I picked the second.

Documentaries can be great fun, especially well made ones. There is one on PBS I try to catch weekly called “Secrets of the Dead.” This week I learned all about a ship of women who were sent to Australia to keep the British colony from lechery and cannibalism. The other documentary was a two hour look at the myths and legends. Basically they crew followed two myths as if they were real to see how probable they could have be. One was about Jason and the Argonauts and the other I must have fallen asleep during.

Travel guides are kind of a guilty pleasure for me. Many of the ones that take place in the United States visit locations I have been to or hotels I have stayed at. That Samantha Brown is one great host! Wouldn’t that be one great job? Travel the globe and tell people how good or bad the places are? If I only had that kind of a job.

So Sunday night, after I have taken about all the laying in front of the television I can handle, I am really looking forward to going to work. All that fast paced, slam bang, living life on the edge world of sitting in front of the computer screen answering emails, making phone calls, and meeting with co-workers. Woah!
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