POST #100

Matt-Matt, Ben and I were having breakfast Sunday morning at The Bomber.

The Bomber is one of the best places for breakfast in the US, according to the Food Network. For five dollars you get two pounds of food. It’s been here in Ypsilanti for years and always a favorite meeting spot before Beer-fest.

Matt is getting married in a few weeks. His bride to be and Bens wife had been out Saturday night for the bachelorette party. He had gotten a late night voice mail from her that blurred the phased “I earned us $27 last night.”

Sitting at the table, Matt-Matt decided to return the call, and sounded like this:

“Hey honey, how ya feeling? Yep. Oh. So how did you earn the $27? (Extremely Long Pause) Well wasn’t he a gentleman.”

His view is not to ask too many questions. The bachelor party is next week.
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