The Worlds Worst Job

Booth babes are all abound in the event world. I know this to be true as many of my peers are very attractive women. They are professional hard working people whom I often respect and have a great exchange of ideas with.

With every new sales person who works an event with me I am reminded of how immune I've become to some of the woman I know.

“Oh my God! You know her?” or “Dear Lord! You are friends with her?” are phrases most commonly uttered from the dropped jaws of these sales men married for several years.

It happened again today. A person I have know for years did his first event with me. A wonder woman named Dana stopped by and we chatted a bit about how great her new plan was going, details about metrics and return. When she returned to her exhibit space it took him a moment before he mumbled a coherent sentence.

“How can you look her in the eyes with those?”

“Those what?”

“Oh man, those have got to be fake.”

“What? She wears colored contacts?”

“Paul – are you gay?”

“No – not in the slightest.”

“Are you sure?”


“Dana is so hot.”

“Yeah – her boyfriend is a good guy too.”

“Whatever” he turned in disbelief.

Sometimes I forget how funny I can be. During the reception tonight the same guy was with me on an exhibit floor absent a single attendee with an attractive woman from another company. We had been chatting for a good fifteen minutes. He offered to get us both a drink from the bar and said “oh, I forgot Paul, you don’t drink. What is your vice?”

To which I replied with a deadpan expression “I'm really in to porn.”

The two nearly wet themselves laughing.

So I am a funny guy surrounded by attractive and talented people who travels the US on the companies dime. Sorry – what was the bad part bout my job?

Home late tomorrow, will post again on Monday.
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