Your Thoughts Please

I have been thinking of new story lines in the last month and would appreciate your insight and opinion. Below are a few sentences about each of the concepts I’ve been thinking over. Please leave the story you like most, least, and why. I need you to be honest!

#1 No title yet - Coming of age in 1982
A teenager brought up in the radical Christian home of a single mother and high school sister finds music is his escape from being the new odd kid out in school (mostly heavy metal and some crazy ass shit.) His new church, where his mother is dating his youth pastor, preaches that rock and roll is of the devil (playing records backwards and satanic filled lyrics.) Adding to the confusing, his pubescent body now finds one of the girls at school the focus of his attention. We watch as the confusion of listening to so many different people helps him to clarify his own opinions and beliefs.

#2 "American Appetite" – Romantic Comedy
While an attractive and wealth French family spends a holiday in New York, the eldest of three daughters (18 years old) sneaks out of the hotel one night to see the "real Americans" in a night club. After a few drinks, she finds a “fat lazy American looser,” attractive enough to loose her virginity to. The next morning she runs back to her family at the hotel, retuning to France. Seven years later, she returns to New York with her son to introduce him to the father after tracking him down. She has blossomed into a responsible and interesting woman. He has not changed, just grown a few years older. The once fat and offensive American finds a place in her heart as they spend time together, and the son raised with a bad opinion of this man, learns to love him too.

#3 No Title – Suspense
As part of a fraternity ritual a young man realizes that he is good at kidnapping people. He takes this new found talent and turns it to performance art, which grows to a paying business - people pay him to kidnap them - and makes millions off of it. About to take his next target, the target is kidnapped by another. After getting a video of the target being tortured and a ransom notice, the main character is taken into custody under the belief that he has kidnapped the victim. Our hero must now clear his name and bring out the person who has framed him.

#4 "Man without a Country" - Ethical thriller
A converted oil tanker in the Pacific sails with the smartest minds, a full hospital staff, and a small army of mercenaries, all hired by a large pharmaceutical company. The directive of this crew is to clone a man for medical use. As ethical questions and arguments drive the discussions, they are successful. But now that they have succeeded what is this "man" for? What will he do? After a helicopter lands on the deck of the ship, and the doctors finally meet the owner of the company that hired them - they understand.

#5 "Holiday Roll" – Family Comedy
Christmas has always been a struggle for this young man in such an odd family. We join him on this comedic and touching adventure as he discovers his place in the family and the meaning of Christmas.

#6 No Title - Thriller
Freshman year at Ohio State, Nick, our protagonist follows a very attractive girl to join a social group. He is accepted by everyone, and the girl has a growing control over the things he does, the people he interacts with and the activities they participate in. The social group focuses on certain causes that have good intentions – recycling, lower pollution, clean environment. The first summer together she talks him in to spending their months together on a farm. In the first month he learns to grow things with out harsh chemicals, make bio-diesel, and utilize wind and solar power. But the next month he learns to protest – chain himself to others, create human barricades, and make Molotov cocktails. He realizes, after being shot by a rubber bullet at a protest in Chicago, that this group is lead by a national group that is much more radical than he had expected. How can he leave this group safely and return to a normal college life?
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