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About five years ago I paid $20 to try a five year subscription to a new men’s magazine that covered fashion, gadgets, and women. It was twenty bucks, I thought I would take a chance. For the first two years, and a few random months since, they also sent me a subscription to Stuff.

Today I got my last issue. Which, I have to admit, I am relieved. I kind of hate to waste them, recycling seems like a waste of money, so they have been piled up in a closet. No matter what I tell myself, I have rarely gone back to read an article.

That had nothing to do with Hawaii, but wanted to share.

While I was in Hawaii, some funny things happened, or were observed that I didn’t include on the blog for lack of time. So I thought with another two weeks off before I go back to work (actually I went in this morning for an hour – but that is another story) there is plenty of time for me to share a few more pictures.

When I checked into the second hotel, my back still hurting, I went out on the balcony and found this metal thingy. At first I thought “thank the lord someone left their walker here, in case my back gets worse.” But this is actually here to set wet towels on. I guess I’m not all that bright.

There is a chain of stores called ABC Stores that are exclusively in the Hawaiian Islands (and one in Las Vegas at the

Hughes Fashion Mall.) They sell everything you could possibly want. Tee shirts, towels, medicine, snacks, soda, every kind of juice and cheep trinket you can imagine. There are 48 ABC Stores in Waikiki, three in the hotel I was in last year, and two in the hotel I was in this year. As you may know, the Japanese tourism is high in Hawaii. I hear many may travel there twice a year as the cost of goods is half of what they pay in Japan. So ABC must sell products for their audience. This is sushi – served just like a Seven-11 would have the spinning hot dogs, ABC has hot fish wrapped. I had to wait in line to take this picture.

There is something I kept hearing about the Aloha Spirit -but I am not sure that everyone on the island has it. I was out in the middle of nowhere when I stopped to pick up a hitch hiker. He was a friendly enough person, but I wouldn't say it was really the "Aloha" kind of nice.

Finally, for Ben, Kyle, Shaun, Jeff and Jason - this woman had the biggest boobs I have ever seen in my life. This is about as brave as I get, I didn't give her any of your numbers.

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