The Perfect Sunday Morning Plan

It was a fresh spring Sunday morning. I had only myself and the few favorite things I like to do on the agenda.

First, I was going to take a few extra minutes and go to the really good coffee shop on the other side of town. On the way back from there would be a quick stop at the best bakery where the donuts were only an hour old and might still be a little warm.

There was a news stand in the parking lot there which would let you get the Sunday paper at the weekday price. I had been going there since college and no one had ever fixed it. Sometimes I found it to be a moral dilemma – but told myself that it was karma catching up to me for being a good person.

After really good coffee, great warm donuts, and a nearly free Sunday paper, I would head to the park. There was a spot with a bench overlooking the river sheltered by the blossom of spring bushes. Just a few hidden feet away from runners who would pass by with the light steps of a fast pace while I watched the ducks drift down stream looking for a spring fling.

As I made my way down the three flights from my apartment to the car I took joy in the list again making certain I would get the order right: first coffee, then donuts, paper, and off to my space in the park by the river - But first….

....First I need to wash my car.

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