Snow Day

It’s going to be a snow day around here with at least four to six inches of fresh powder.

Snow days remind me of the seventh grade when we had so many snow days in the winter, the school board said that if we had one more snow day, they would have to add another week to the end of the school year. But that final snow day to push us over the edge never came.

The funny thing about seventh grade was that I got the mumps that year. Not just once, but a freakishly unprecedented two times. I was in school so few days – I couldn’t tell you much about anything that year.

I arrived the last week to take finals barley passing any of them. For the most part, I only came to the last week so my yearbook wouldn’t be empty that year.

Next week I’ll be on the road and write if anything happens. Pictures will be posted when they can or when I come home.
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