I got my book

I was quick down the bookstore isle knowing what I wanted. Turing down another isle I noticed her stepping back.

My approach was going to be in front of her so I softly said “excuse me” not to surprise her of my presence as I passed.

She stepped right into me and hit my leg reaching for the book on the lower shelf.

I fell.

There was no magic moment of first encounter. She just looked at me with a snarky stare then returned to her book.

She sneezed.

“Bless you” I said with a smile dusting myself off.

She looked the other way.

As I walked to the register to cash out she walked quickly in front of me nudging me aside so she would be helped first.

When she was done I stepped forward and checked out. I just don’t understand these hippy chicks in the people republic of Ann Arbor sometimes.
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