I say good day

There are days that remind me of how much I like my job. Today was one of those days. It was a busy day that called on my skill in some of the areas that make me an expert. It wasn’t one of those days of spinning wheels or being creative for other projects. There were a series of events, I am assigned to do them, and knock the ball out of the park on every pitch. Plus, there is more where that came from. It is always a good sign to me when the boss is worried about over loading my schedule. This is so much more appealing than waiting for decisions to be made or directions to be set. I guess that makes me a man of action. I should have my own figure. It would have karate action arms, bionic eyes, and a pull string that had ten sayings including “I can do that” and “lets work together on making that milestone.”

We finally have a good snowfall here. There have been a few cold days and feeble attempts at accumulation, but for the most part it has just been dreary. This morning the white stuff finally stuck and made me “a happy little school girl.” Thursday calls for rain.

When I got home a coupon for three free songs waited in my yahoo account from Windows Media Player. There was a lame version of Ob-La-De, so I picked three other up beat ditty’s to mark the day. If you were a member of the Great Mix Experiment of Aught Five, you will hear at least two of these songs (if they fit.) I had a confirmation that the last few of the remaining CD’s for the GME05 will be in and the mix should be sent out to all participants shortly.

If you would like to participate at this late date, you are welcome to send me a mix CD of music you have been listening to over the last year, and I’ll send you a copy of The Best of GME05 CD. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until next September.

A chocolate colored ass print waited for me on the lid of the second stall like a cheep hookers lipstick marking the edge of midnight diners coffee cup. There were matching streaks down the porcelain bowl where it clutched at the sides trying to resist the force of the water. I have seen many people write about the habits of others in bathrooms. Karla will take pictures of her friends, Common Wombat will write in great detail the most disgusting of offenses and make it funny, Undercover Celebrity hears them talk on cell phones. I will merely point out the fact that there sure are a lot of guys eating too much Taco Bell on the first floor. Thankfully, I live across the street and run home for lunch most days.
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