I'm crushing your head!

Office recap: Jim, the main character that is very likable, kind and funny, has had a crush on office sweetheart and girl next door Pam. But Pam is engaged to the thick headed former high school football star who works in the warehouse. On last night’s episode, Pam finally found out about Jim’s crush.

It’s a story most of us can relate to because we have had that devastating crush to recover from. We have all faced the choice of hiding the soft gooey center of ones heart from the chance of injury and rejection or exposing yourself to the rewarding possibility of a sentiment that is reciprocated.

I have had several. The one that stands out in my mind tonight is one with a girl named Liz. She was a year older and we were “friends” in high school. She came back to town for Thanksgiving break for what was her freshman year in college or my senior year of high school. We went out one night to a movie. I made my move in the front seat of the Honda while sitting in her drive way talking late into the night. My interest was only in that magical first kiss. I had placed her on such a high pedestal of an unrealistic and lofty concept I’ll refer to as ‘young love.’ She was willing to do much more and got very mad at me when a line was drawn at making out. What a fool I have been.

So how big a fool are you? Any good stories about a crush you once had in the safety of the anonymous would wide web??? Do share.
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