People’s Choice

People, large groups, like a population, are not the best judge of what is funny. Watching the People’s Choice I can tell you that Craig Ferguson is not funny. George Lopez is an asshole. Yet they have their own shows and people watch those shows.

My Name is Earl is funny, so is The Office. The people got that right. Scrubs is funny and people watch that as well. Arrested Development is hilarious, but no one watches that. I would encourage you to start so that I can keep watching and it does not get cancelled.

The People’s Republic of China and the former Soviet Union were governments based on the welfare of it’s people. But that whole communism thing hasn’t worked out so well. It’s time for people to realize that and rise up.

Worst of all, some people prefer basketball over the Gilmore Girls in Detroit. I know it is hard to believe. But the motor city loves basketball, so my Tivo will have to record it on Saturday when it is replayed. Damn the man!

So I am forced to watch a 1981 cable classic staring Albert Finney and the sexy Susan Dey called “Looker.” Albert Finney discovers a media company run by James Coburn that is programming hypnotic messages in television commercials encouraging people to buy products. The company also makes a “light gun” that gives the shooter the power of temporary invisibility. Mean time, the media company is killing off all the models that work for them after feeding all their “perfect” dimensions into a computer the size of a warehouse – because the computer costs less than paying all the models. Who are the people who came up with this one?

Yes, that is why the good Lord created the remote control and Democracy.
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