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Cocaine stash found at Trudeau Airport

Border guards at Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport in Montreal say they've seized nearly 42 kilograms of cocaine on a plane that arrived earlier this week.

The officers found 38 bricks of cocaine. They estimate the drugs have a street value of $5 million. The drugs were hidden in metallic containers normally used for food aboard aircraft.

Nicole Barsalou, from the Canada Border Services Agency, says the stash was discovered during a routine search.

"Three of these containers were found and the drugs were hidden under newspapers stuffed in the bottom of boxes," Barsalou says.

The plane was a commercial flight bound for Ottawa from Venezuela.

The RCMP are now investigating. There have been no arrests.

Woman Arrested For Carrying Human Head

Airport baggage screeners in Florida were shocked to find a human head with teeth, hair and skin in the luggage of a woman during a routine baggage scan.

The woman had arrived on flight from Cap Haitien, Haiti. "It still had teeth, hair and bits of skin and lots of dirt", Barbara Gonzalez, a spokeswoman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Miami said.

The woman, Myrlene Severe, said she was carrying it because she intended to ward off evil spirits with it. She told airport authorities she had obtained the head in Haiti for "use as a part of her voodoo beliefs" and said that "the purpose of the package was to ward off evil spirits".

She was charged with transporting hazardous material on a commercial flight and smuggling a human head into the US without proper documentation.

Foetuses found at Bogota airport

Colombian police have found the bodies of three human foetuses hidden in statues destined for the United States.

The discovery was made by officers searching for contraband at Bogota Airport on Tuesday.

The corpses were wrapped in plastic and concealed inside statues of Christian icons, which were smashed open.

Colombian police chief Gen Jord Alirio Varon said the four- to five-month-old foetuses could have been intended for use in Satanic rituals.

Gen Varon said the foetuses were found alongside crucifixes and medals.

He said officials are trying to find out who sent the packages, which came from Barranquilla in Colombia and were destined for Miami in the US.

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