Green and White at the Maze and Blue

For St Patrick’s day we went to go see a comedian, Jim Gaffigan. Oh it was a hoot.
A couple of us met for diner before hand at a great pub that has several beers to choose from. The place was full of the local white liberal boomers that will pay the huge sums of money to live in this neighborhood of Ann Arbor. It is a nice neighborhood and a great pub.
At the theater we ran into some people we knew and grabbed our seats. Hollywood and I had the misfortune of sitting in front of a kid we can only assume was on something. He only had an outdoor voice for an indoor event and decided to clap really loudly in both our ears. The single clap he had for each joke was followed by a penetrating laugh. This was often followed by a comment like “it’s true, so it’s funny.” My ears are still ringing.

Afterwards we went to find a bar without a line out the door and ended up at Scorekeepers. It's a sports bar that is of pretty good size and has a huge draw for students on this part of campus for its close walking distance.
It is at this point that I think we all appreciated just how old we are getting. It is not all that fun to be at the college sports bar on St Patrick’s Day during March Madness. But it was still a fun evening. Watching the drunk girls (below) wasn't all that bad.
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