Kyle Rocks

A few weeks ago you may recall my victorious rebuttal to Ben's current wife “Ben Rocks!” in which I convinced the world that Ben is a great guy (which wasn’t all that hard to do.)

It was brought to my attention shortly after that I need to work on my photo skills, compared to my nun-chuck skills, especially when the subject matter is the one and only Kyle. You see, most of the shots I post of Kyle are in the middle of an action, like eating.

Other photos of Kyle make it look like he is a bleary eyed stoner whose only other activity is drinking beer and ogling unsuspecting wait staff. This of course is not the case; he also has a day job.
Sometimes the only shot I can get of Kyle are from a bizarre approach, this is most often the result of me crawling on the ground drunk.

But there are other sides to Kyle I would like to stress. Like the fact that Kyle gets into telling a joke – his whole body becomes a Jim Henson puppet as he goes for the comedy jugular.

Kyle has quite a reflective side. It involves being in the woods, starting a fire, and being a good listener.
He is a good brother, not just to the fraternity where I first met him and he devoted several years of under appreciated efforts, but also to his actual family.

But right now, this is my favorite photo of Kyle, one I have not posted on this site previously. It’s friendly, it’s warm, and engaging – just like the Kyle I know.

So my photo skills need some work, but Kyle Rocks! *

*Still, just a reminder, I am not gay.

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