Sleep Good

I enjoy life in the apartment complex. There is no snow to shovel or yard to mow. Work is across the street. Friends are close by. Great restaurants are near by and I can be whisked away to the airport in fifteen minutes to travel anywhere in the world.

With the warm weather the other night I slept with the window open. About 3:00 am I awoke to my vow to move last summer. The smell wafted in the room slowly to stir the senses. It was a combination of burnt Indian food wrapped in a freshly soiled diaper dripping in melted plastic. Yeah – that smell. You know it?

Once I find out who it is and what they drive, I have a half gallon of yellow milk that has been waiting for the last six months in my refrigerator. One night, on my way to throw it in the dumpster, it might accidentally pour down the air conditioning vent under the front windshield.

Hey, you sleep well tonight too.