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I caught this blog on Rocketboom today. I would encourage you all to start reading her blog and keep her busy… occupied as she fulfills all of our dreams of laying about all in the name of science

Cleveland Clinic is currently conducting a 12 week Bed Rest Study which is being sponsored by NASA.

Test subjects can be male or female, between the ages of 21 and 49, non-smokers for a minimum of 6 months, within 2 standard deviations of ideal weight for their height, and in extremely good health.

During spaceflight an astronaut experiences many effects on his or her body due to the effects of microgravity. The 6 degree head down position simulates microgravity that occurs in space. The purpose of this research study is to determine if zero gravity exercise can serve to prevent loss of bone mineral density and muscle during 12 weeks of complete bed rest, and by extension, during 12 weeks of space flight.

Subjects will spend 84 days in the Cleveland Clinic, in bed, at 6 degrees head down. 50% of the subjects will be in the control group and 50% of the subjects will be in the exercise group. The selection of control or exercise is random. Compensation is being provided to test subjects for the Initial Screening and Testing, Training, Bed Rest and Rehabilitation. Room and board for the period of bed rest, together with initial post bed rest days, will be provided free of charge.