My Cheating Heart

I have to make a confession. I have a blogger crush. The trouble is, it’s with six different ladies. Each is very funny, extremely attractive, and every one of them fills my daily reading needs like a junkie looking for a fix.

Writing a blog can be seasonal. There are busy times in our lives when we don’t find the time to write as often. It’s hard to come up with something new every day and every week with out repetition. But I am honored to get a peek into each life here.

While there is no way in hell I could rate or rank them like most horny blog freak men might, I will share with you the article, story, or picture that first captured my heart and hooked me on this blogger crush.

Anne is the eye.

This was one of the first articles from Anne I saw. It seemed really honest and relatable. It was only later that I came across the Darth Vader interview she is known for. After finding out how funny and smart she is, I finally caught a glimpse of her photo. Yes, she is very attractive, but recently I feel kind of bad for thinking that of her. It seems like old fat trashy guys hit on her enough. But I vow this – I will always do what Anne says, she is always right.

Karla claims I am a genius. Who am I to argue with a crazy woman? When she linked to my sight the number of hits spike to an unholy level that left me feeling cold and lonely the next week. I know people only visit my site under her command.

She hooked me with the crabs stories, when the captain slept in her bed I had to change my shorts and sheets, and she stole my heart most recently describing how her panty parade in the parking garage was really due to a wardrobe malfunction.

I don’t know Cheryl personally. Sure I would like to. Wouldn’t every guy?

I can tell you that she is kind for stopping by my blog everyday to read.
Her stories are always heart warming reflections on Chicago (I know the neighborhood so well) or growing up in the middle of the US. While this is shallow, it was her Halloween photo from last year that keeps me reading. I know good things will happen to her and I can’t wait to read all about how it turns out.

There are rare times for me to swear, but UC Fucking Rocks! Her Karla interview? Oh my lord, any interview she has given… my favorite is The Dating Resume.

On the same token UC has the best story ever on how two people can meet. If she were not already in the perfect relationship, I would be a stalker. True, her roommate is not so great, living with people is hard (except for poka bean who was her fashion guide) but it is good fodder for the internet.

This is Erin. She is smart and has a good group of friends. Her post entitled “The Best Night Ever” is really fun. She dates a guy name “A” who by all accounts might just be the best boyfriend ever.

You know that point in your life where you feel really old and out of date – well, I get that feeling sometimes when I read her blog. I am an old out of touch guy. Scotts daughter said of me, “He is too old to blog.” Which might be true, but I am still memorized to read about all that goes on at Purdue. Erin seems pretty cool about it, I mean she has never discouraged me from reading her blog, or told me to blow off. I hope I don’t creep her out or anything...

Let me tell you about AP. Some of my friends (who will remain nameless) have this theory about beautiful women traveling in packs shunning the average Joe (much like me and my friends.)

If that is true AP and her friends are a pack of super models from the south – except she has a heart of gold and one of the nicest people ever. I don't feel shunned at all.

There is a great game she has on her blog. At first it reminded me of the Second City, or Whose Line is it Anyway? Then I felt naughty – these are real people we are making fun at. But it got to the point that it was so funny, I got over it quickly.

If I thought it would win her heart I would die my hair red. Really, I would.

I hope that this is not coming off as trite or offensive. It is with sincere admiration I thank each of you for posting. So to you six bloggers, I love your blogs. Please keep writing when you can. I’m not saying every day, once a week is cool.

And to the two of you, who may be reading my blog, add these six to your favorites list. You will want to read them and share them with your friends just like I am doing now.

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