Report from the San Francisco Marriott

The Marriott chain is one of my favorite to stay at. People are nice, beds are easy to sleep in, reward points are easy to earn and use, and they have locations everywhere you want to go.

However the San Francisco Marriott is not so great. There is no view below the 9th floor. The food isn’t all that great here. In fact on this trip it’s been rather bad (there is a whole city of great choices, why stay here?) The church next door likes to ring there bells in the morning and late into the night. Also, the place is being refurbished so the lobby is under construction.

On the plus side, rooms here are a good size for the city, and the bed is comfortable. BART is still the best way to get to and from the airport. There is a whole bunch of cute girls that live here, if you like the hippy chicks.
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