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Scott is on the left. Eric is on the right. Last week one of the most difficult and challenging conferences I participate in each year took place. Many of you might think eight days in Las Vegas would be fun. And you would be right, unless you were in Las Vegas several times a year, no longer consumed alcohol, cigarettes, or gambled. Eric tells me that he and the old p2 would have been great friends, as that is what Eric likes to do now.
Last week would have been really hard, maybe impossible, without Scott and Eric. We have worked together a few years on this annual event. Both are super smart, really funny, and put up with my foul temper on the few occasions it flairs up (mostly related to not getting to eat lunch like, much like Randy from My Name is Earl I am like the Hulk.) Scott solves customer problems. Eric is one of the head IT team members who keeps us running.

So there we were eating breakfast one morning and they are telling me how great they did at the tables the night before. We try to avoid the topic of work, as that is all we will do for the next twelve hours, but it eventually comes up. Eric is telling the story of another IT person on site he was getting a little frustrated with who promises things that are hard to do, or even worse, says it can’t be done. Two things every good IT person knows not to do he explains and then Eric makes the quote of the week. Of the other IT guy Eric says, “What are you? The anti-IT? You don’t agree with them, you give them options.”

This quote struck home like nothing else has in a long time. In recent weeks I have vowed not to be creative or emotionally attached to my job anymore. I have cared too much and been hurt when “another direction” is taken as I know what I have produced will be successful. Don’t make decisions, don’t make commitments, just allow for options and let others decided. It is just a pay check.
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