What a day...

I can’t begin to tell you what a day it was. I thought for sure that everything was done, and done well, complete and double checked. But sure enough the boss got back into the office today, cornered me, badgering me with questions about the next project. Low and behold, I got the date wrong and the letters went out yesterday. So much for being ahead of schedule by two days – now I spend the next three hours going back over everything to make it reflect the new date, because the planned date is no longer the plan, the mistake date is. To be honest, both dates work just fine, we just need to make sure we are all there for the blessed day. Once that was over I head off to that meeting we relive each week. Yeah, there is some news that happens but the same day dreams of me on a beach in Hawaii run through my head as I ask myself if this is really what I want to do with my life and how I do not feel the rewarding challenge I used to feel. When I am cognizant of what is going on in the meeting I make some funny remarks. Then I go back to the desk and return the phone calls I had been waiting for and have now missed only to find they are at lunch. I run out to grab something for myself and get through some of the things I had punted down the field last week with the distraction of the big event. But I get a few good ideas, a few return phone calls and think that I am ready to be in Chicago next week, then back to Las Vegas the week after (sorry UC, no California trips yet this year.) Finally I have time to do that thing for the Washer Toss King and Queen of Ypsilanti that I had wanted to do for them, only to find out that I can only offer part of the favor, not the whole thing with something called a “rotating blackout date” which sounds very much like “a jumbled bag of crap.” I go downstairs to see Eric and ask him a question only to find out he is the king of Craps as he put a $5 bet on a hell of a chance to walk away doubling his winning for the entire trip! It is well deserved. Then I sit down at my desk and jiggle the mouse to deactivate the screen saver only to find that my good buddy Scott has stopped by while I was away – but that is just a guess.

It’s good to have friends with a sense of humor. It really helps to keep perspective. Thank you Scott. Now if you would like the "New Scott Screen Saver," please feel free to download this picture for your own desk top.

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