Invisible White Guy

I caught an earlier flight home from Midway, did the half mile trek across the Detroit Metro, and got to the shuttle van to my parked car.

Now, I don’t take the fancy shuttle, nor do I park in the Airport lot with the rest of the yuppies, I take the shuttle with the people working at the airport.

On this shuttle is a very, very large black woman who works at Taco Bell, a tiny black woman who works at another restaurant, and the driver, which happens to be a black woman. I was invisible as the conversation started:

Very large woman to the tiny one: Why are you sitting like that?

Tiny woman: I’m tired.

VLBW: Really? It’s not something else?

Tiny woman: I – am - tired.

VLBW: You sure?

TW: What? Am I knocked up? No, I’m just fat. I don’t need more kids, I’ve already got two.

VLBW: Don’t say that, children are a blessing.

TW: Lord I have received that blessing, let’s move on and bless me with something else.
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