Too lazy for sp check

Some of you may have been wondering why no posts on a blog that will post near daily. While I see others state just how busy they are or note all the crazy things going on in their life as an excuse, I will be honest.

This overwhelming blanket of laziness has covered me for several days. It’s not one of those dainty light blankets either. It’s thick, made of scratchy wool, sopping wet, and has a few of those led filled smocks from the dentist on top of it. Pretty much I am trapped under an avalanche of lazy blankets and other assorted fabrics.

I would blame it on a change in my medication, but I don’t take anything. By day two I thought of making an appointment with a shrink and that it was depression. But that would involve looking up mental health in my insurance policy, finding a “doctor,” and then actually having to make a phone call.

Don’t get me started on laundry. Since my return from Las Vegas the week of May 29 I have done only what will get my by for the next few days when I would normally take a Saturday and do it all.

There have been many trips to yesteryear this week. My mind drifts back to the childhood mistakes and blunders which I beat myself up for time and again. Once in a while I’ll throw in an old crush or two, look her up on the internet, and see just how much I have let pass me by in life.

Other times I dream of buying that sports car I have been looking at for two years and just drive off somewhere for a week. But unanimated objects are just a short term self gratification of a capitalistic society. It would help the economy… I guess this could be mid life, but that is sad to think I’ll only live to 70.

No. It is not depression, or medication, or mid life, just good old fashioned laziness. I am so lazy I don’t even want to finish this senten
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