Where are you?

Where are you p2?

Well, I am everywhere, man.

This week I was there again.

But now I am here.

Later, I’ll be going someplace new.

My blanket of laziness fell off last week. But it was replaced by a new video game (I buy one a year, play the hell out of it, and then hide it from myself.)

Last weekend I was in Las Vegas at the Rio, AGAIN. This is my third time there in seven months, and second time there in the three weeks. Funny enough, I keep getting a room on the sixth floor facing the Palms.

November 2005

June 2006

You think they would have been done by now. My taxi driver told me on the way to the airport Hugh Heffner was personally interviewing all of the new staff for the Playboy Tower. Well, I have to say, the Palms is the place to be these days.

Also - if you fly NWA (like me) you might find yourself lost at LAS. The NWA desk moved this week and I have yet to find it. I'm sure I'll find it when I return to Las Vegas in three weeks.

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