David Bowie was Correct

There are lots of changes happening. Our good friend Hollywood and Jeff are moving on. Hollywood to LA for that dream job in professional football (yes, even being a towel boy means you are part of the team) and Jeff has already moved to Chicago. While in Chicago he was too late for the parade this year in Boys Town but he has detailed plans for next year.

Online the changes are marked by a lack of change. There are some really fine blogs and writers that I have been following for the last year that haven’t updated in more than a month. So I guess I just have to pull them from my rotation. It gets pretty frustrating to see the same entry each day hoping for some news from people you have invested your time in getting to know. So if you have any suggestions for bloggers that are great reading and haven’t thrown in the towel yet, please let me know.

The last big change is Rocketboom. That Vlog has been a daily dose of funny for some time, and that Amanda is pretty nice to look at too, but now it has all gone boom. There is still Amanda Unboomed, which she has started to pay attention to again. I am certain she will find a new gig with out delay, still, it is just another sign of the changing times.

Other Changes

Marc grew a year older Friday while Anson opened his house.
Food was labeled for either our safety, or because our hosts think we are idiots.
Things that haven’t changed

Sara is still as cute as a button
This woman is still suspicious….

Of this guy

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