The Long Good-Bye

We had a few drinks after work for a high level person having a last day. The current people say it was a nudge, but on his way out we heard it was a push. After 30 years, I would agree, it’s a push. The new guys want change.

Much like a series finally of your favorite television show there was a montage of the faces and personalities that you forgot about. Some stories reminded me of That 70’s Show – the first and last round table conversation was about a car that ran on water. Well, it wasn’t a car running on water, it was a silly part of the sales agreement that all software companies have about keeping the code locked away in escrow. I remember the bright and early days at this company nearly a decade ago and hearing that same conversation.

The bitter sweet notion of moving on in life is one we save for graduations and departures for long voyages. In my own reflection of the past I spent the evening updating my new phone (it’s new to me at least), deleting emails from people I no longer work with, and shooting an email or two out to those people I have not seen in a while to say hello, I am thinking of you, and hoping all is well.

Friendship is a funny thing. Growing up I recall friends to play with till the late evening hours of summer dusk when the lights came on. But I was only their friend because they lived so close by. It’s not like I really like any of them even if they did help to shape my social skills. Then the next group of friends I fostered are people I still know and are based on a common belief system – these are life long friends I will know and love until one of us die. But it still doesn’t mean I see them more than once a year because they do not live very close. Ever other set of people I have known or shared time and experiences with are only because of proximity to the fun or a paycheck.

We are fortunate to have the people we truly enjoy in our lives. Very fortunate. The chances that we would ever meet are so slim. Good riddance to the trash and crap I have put up with, and here is to better days with the ones I like to be with.
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