The rules of Vegas are there to be broken

The marketing phrase “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” has been repeated billions of times by those who visit or hear of its mythological power to wash one of all sins that take place in sin city once you step foot on the plane home.

Well I don’t believe it’s true. What happens in Las Vegas should be told to everyone I know so that others may be ridiculed and laughed at. They might not want to talk to me ever again, but I caught Shaw and Law Pirate in some explicit shots.

But before I share with you the pictures of what really took place in Las Vegas that we will all want to see (the dirty, filthy, and raunchy acts that I caught on camera) I would like to tell you about a website called “Cats that look like Hitler.”

Cats that look like Hitler, which can be found at, is just what it sounds like. Photos of cats who have the unfortunate resemblance of the second most killing ruler of the 20th century (history tells us that Stalin actually had a higher body count, but that is a petty thing to point out, they were both just awful.)

These frisky felines try to live a normal pattern for their nine lives as they are harassed by more adorable, fluffier, more alluring cats in the neighborhood.

Oh... so here are the other pictures from Las Vegas.

Law Pirate and Shaw in bed.

Shaw caught in the shower.

Oh Baby! Hot & Steamy!

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