Two Thoughts on a Hot Night

Over the weekend I recorded one of my favorite movies that was “a surprise find.” Yes, surprise finds are a category in my movie listings. It is called “The 13th Warrior” and start Antonio Banderas. Antonio is an ambassador for what we now call Iraq, sent to the northern most provinces after falling in love with the wrong person’s daughter. In the north he runs into a group of Vikings holding a funeral for their departed king. He is told by a witch to help the 12 Vikings kill a dragon.
It is a bit gory, really accurate to the time period, and super interesting to see the way the Arabic protagonist gets involved in the lives of these Norseman. Written by Michael Crichton, who has brought you Coma, West World, Looker, a little film called Jurassic Park, and a television series called ER. The director is John McTiernan who has made films like Predator, Die Hard, a solid remake of The Thomas Crown Affair, and Basic.

So why is it a surprise find with such a famous director, writer, and actor? Because I am betting you have not seen it. It’s a great film with little audience or publicity when released.

Today I received an email from one of those spiritually connected readers of mine. Let’s call her “Ann.” “Ann” tells me that she is dreaming about me, again, but blames this on being pregnant (with another mans baby none the less.) My little note about a former VP leaving the company has made her all sad because her friend is leaving.

I am sorry “Ann,” there was no way I could have possibly known that my writing would have such an impact on your life. But since it worked, I would like all of you ladies out there to remember me in your dreams tonight. Even those crazy sleepers who are fully clothed under the blankets, thermostat set at 76 degrees during a heat wave, next to the worlds most understanding partner that you would like to tuck in like there is no tomorrow. Yes, dream of me and wake up next to your man grateful and happy he is with you and not me, the snoring machine that wakes the dead.
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