Warning – Politics Discussed Here

I’ve decided to write about something I had been avoiding since the start of this blog, Politics. There are so many opinions out there that you really don’t need to hear mine on the topic. This entry will also avoid politics itself, and discuss an epiphany I had about the political parties.

While watching CBS 60 Minutes last night after watching Fox News Sunday I had my epiphany. Now I may sound naïve, but I think that both political parties have one “fear button” each that they like to push. As much as I hear about the war on terror against radical Islamist, I hear about global warming.

Now before you pick sides and tell me one of these is an absolute fact and that I am an idiot - let me say I agree with both statements.

What I found so outstanding in the news coverage from the night was how much fear reporters on the topic tried to spread.

We are on the verge of doom
The next generation will not have it as good as
the last
We must act now
There is no compromise
It is all the fault of
the United States of America

Now which of these statements line up with your topic? Does it matter? Both parties have said the same thing about both topics. The opposite party will then go to great lengths to show the other is wrong, or how they try to spin it in their favor, and worse how they “covered it up.”

My problem is the wholesale fear mongering that is at play here. Why do we watch? It is not news to me about either topic. I have grown up hearing both things.

I do not fear global warming, it moves too slowly for me to fear. One degree a century is really hard for me to distinguish between (and I have been alive during two of them.)

Detroit has one of the largest Islamic communities in the US, and I really actually respect their culture more than many. If I was scared of hijackings, bombings, or becoming the next hostage, I don’t think I could ever have the job I do.

I am really growing tired of the hate. Could someone please turn it down a notch?