Before I leave for the week...

My identity has been changing over the last six months. Once I could claim to be Everywhere Man. Now it is more often wishful thinking. Maybe I could associate more with being creative guy who travels from time to time. This last week I described myself as a “likeable person who gets the job done.” While this maybe true, I have considered myself to be “the tradeshow guy” or a traveling man for seven years. Beyond that I am merely a movie expert and side writer.

I have the week off for several reasons. I should be taking all my ideas and writing a second draft of the novel I’ve been working on. I should be putting the final touches on the resume and sending it with great excitement. Instead I am renting a car and driving north.

Road trips are one of my favorite things in life. Getting out on the open road, with some good music, no time table but to be home by a certain date, and to just explore, has got to be one of the most fun things to do. It hardly turns out that way. I never just jump in and pick a direction. Instead I plan and dream of where to go for days. It is not a surprise to end up somewhere. There is the journey however. And that is one the one thing that is always different and maybe why I enjoyed being Everywhere Man. I always knew what to prepare for, but the show as always different.

My trip this week is not some annual vacation to Hawaii like the last time, rather a visit to my early childhood and genetic make-up. I am a descendant of big strong men who cut down trees and love the deep woods. Me, who hardly leaves the air-conditioned comfort of the office, small city apartment, or US chain hotel, yes, a person who hates bugs or getting mucky, a man who hates the mere mention of lawn care, will be going to the back woods where the nightmare of summer camp killers will not event venture.

If I may evoke the words of Clair Colburn from Elizabethtown “We are intrepid. We will carry on.” Whether it is in the city, or a new job, or in the back woods I will carry on. Maybe it will be as Everywhere Man, maybe as Sit On My Fat Ass Behind a Boring Desk Man, or maybe Team Building Great Boss Guy… This week is decidedly not about the resume, or the book, or favorite movies, although all these things will be considered. It is about remembering who I am and what I wanted before I left on a seven year experiance across North America.

For you it will be bunch of words with pictures of trees, old buildings, and places you might visit, but would not want to live. Sorry, you get the short end of the stick on this one.

Oh - and here is an update for those of you on notice...

Kate for correcting me all the time.
Kristi for making me misspell your name.
Bears - I am coming for you!
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