Cell Phones

I am so happy with my choice of cell phones. Now that I finally had to buy my own, rather than mooch off of the company with a free phone, it gives me great pleasure to report that I made the right choice.

The reception is great. I love the weight and feel of a flip phone. It has some fun features. The phone and the service are both grand. I am just taking time to find the right ring that is both fun and professional – a hard balance to find.

As I was doing my research on cell phones I came across this article in business week, which I think I have seen before somewhere else. But hey, these “news” stories are recycled more than plastic bottles and written from a “new and edgy” slant. But I found it kind of fun. When I drive down the freeway I now wonder if that strangely out of place enormously large pine tree, brand new grain cilo, or cemetery mausoleum is the tower that is taking my call while I speed into oncoming traffic. I guess I shouldn’t use the phone while I drive. Sage advice.

UPDATE: The tradeshow guy job I first applied for and was really hoping for sent me the “thanks, but no thanks” email. I guess they were looking for someone with no talent and no experience that they could shape and mold.

I did interview with another company today, but it would mean an hour commute each way. Which is actually really common here in southeastern Michigan. Good company, nice people, but it is still software.

Other option, selling software, which pays well, but is still software related. With that position I would work out of my apartment. It would be a new stretch for me.

I guess I am just waiting to hear some final offers before making the choice.

Finally, next week I’ll be in Boston. A company has hired me as a consultant, a smart move on their part. If I thought I could find enough clients, I would consult full time. There is a lot of money in consulting. Lots. Now that I think of it, I should just become an LLC and place an ad in the trade… see what happens. I have some good ideas once and a while.
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