Change is a good thing (keep telling yourself, he might believe it)

It is fitting, in a way, that I write to you for the last time in my official capacity as Everywhere Man from a hotel room located somewhere between here and there and a hell of a long way from where I started or where I was going.

The first call went right to voice mail. When I stopped at the next exit the word was that the hammer had come down. By the third call I decided to call the boss and tell her that she was a great boss, that I learned a great deal working with her, that it was time for me to move on anyway, and that I was very happy that of the few people from the group who didn’t get let go, it was the single mom (she really needed the work.)

The punch line here would be that after she tried to stop me several times, when I was finished telling her how great she was, she finally said I was one of the few staying. But this isn’t a movie.

Writing this, I have to say that I now understand why women hate it when I am the one who breaks up with them, I am a big softy on letting people down easy telling them how great they were to be with, what a wonderful person they are, and that they will grow and learn from this to move to a better place in their life. I guess if I really believed all those things, I would have married that sweet girl from Iron Mountain, or that huge bitch from Bloomfield Hills… I am better off alone.

Since I was in the parking lot of a hotel, and I couldn’t decide what to do, even after legal council, I checked in. Then I went to the local grocery store with every intention of GETTING DRUNK! But drunken Paul really is a person of the past. I stood in the store isle for twenty minutes trying to decide what to drink, and I couldn’t do it. Drinking is not good for me, and I think my insurance is going to be gone in 60 days.

So I came back to my room in the middle of nowhere and wrote this.

“So what now?” You may ask. “Where will I get my fill of travel stories?”

Well… this will be the last entry on Everywhere Man. It really was a place to tell the tales (both true and make believe) from the road. While Hollywood is right, there will always be a part of me that is Everywhere Man, it would only be the bald fat octogenarian “Grandpa Simpson” version of Everywhere Man talking about a distant time and place no one would really care to remember.

There will be a new blog. I am not sure what it will be about. But you are all welcome to read when it goes up.

And here is where the story ends. Thank you all for reading.
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