Friday Update

So this is the update, in case you are wondering. I have done four initial interviews with four different companies. There is a fifth company on Monday with a phone interview. It was very comforting to have so many people interested in me in such a short period of time. In fact so many people are interested in me, I wonder if I have padded my resume too much. The passing mention of my Pulitzer Prize, Skeet-Ball World Champion Award, and inability to schedule anything on Friday (I’ll be in LA with my girlfriend Jennifer Love Hewitt for the Emmy’s) really did turn a few heads.

Today I had lunch with the old team. It reminded me of the poetic dace of bees. Each returns to the hive with directions on an open position or a friend of a friend who might be hiring. We celebrated a birthday. I found out that the asshole that had a doctor’s note to avoid work had actually made my boss really mad (she hides these things so well.) While he “couldn’t go into work” he could fly to New York and “supervise” the sale of his mothers house. The people still on staff are frustrated and confused. Those of us who are not are well rested and tan. It was good to spend time with them again. I truly enjoy my time with them.

The Tigers are making me mad. 10-0 yesterday and right now are loosing their lead. It was a good summer, but it is almost over I fear. YouTube has nearly every skit with Dean Martin and all the School House Rock. This is what I do between sending out resumes and taking phone calls.

Dean and the Duke

Sinatra and Jobim

Germans Saying Nice Things (Steve Carell and Dana Carvey)

By going to work you should all know that you are missing a new game show called Cash Cab. Do yourself a favor, set the TiVo and watch a few episodes.

Is it the weekend already? Everyday is Saturday for me.
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