The Smoke Clears

The stench of burnt cooking still lingers in the air of my apartment as I write this. It is only another reminder of how dull I find life without work. I am also a bad cook with too much time.

There was a moment where I wasn’t sure if I should go for the fire extinguisher or fight the plums of yellow smoke while holding my breath. I went for the latter and am happy for it. With the house fan in the window at full blast my place cleared out in seconds. Still the faint smell lingers. In the morning Fabreeze is on my checklist.

Today’s phone interview went fine and I am set for another interview on Thursday. Still, I am hoping to get the one job I interviewed with last week where I remain Everywhere Man. There is another call in the morning; it is a follow up from last week. For lunch I am meeting with a former co-worker who nabbed a few things from my office I forgot.

Saturday I had the honor of being part of a regional Washer Toss Championship. It was held again at the lovely and colorful home of ShitHappens and her husband. They are expecting their first in the next few months.

The child will be raised by a wonderful loving couple and trained daily in the art of the Washer Toss. The daily regiment will begin with basic standing and walking. After the first year throwing and tossing will be introduced. Eventually this young girl/boy will be one of the greatest Washer Toss champions of our age or the parents will disown it from my understanding. Hey, if it worked for Tiger…

There is more, I learned from my teammate and last years champion Joe, to the toss than just throwing. Light and nimble fingers are needed to flip the Washer through the air to give it the right amount of bounce. At other times the gentle touch is discarded for the hard throw at the opposition’s feet, but that might just be my move.

All had a fun time. It turns out I am great with children. Joe and I made it to the final round, but I was too much of an anchor for him to pull to first place. The Wolfe brothers (not to be confused by the Wolfe twins who just happen to be brothers) took first place this year. Their secret weapon was to let their kids distract the team they played against. Next year Wolfe’s, next year.

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