End of Summer Weekend

Things move at a brisk pace so you have to be able to keep up.

Friday while most of you were at work I was seeing Little Miss Sunshine, a friendly little film that has some great moments and makes you feel okay for being a little bit of a freak. Not having gotten my full matinee fare worth of movie, I then tippy toed over to see Wicker Man. Basically it was the same plot as Little Miss Sunshine except Wicker Man had more bee’s, and personally I found Steve Carell to be better than Nicolas Cage.

Saturday night was another wedding. I have no idea who was getting married; I just know that everyone there was either from Monroe, Kentucky, or the bride’s sorority. Once again I proved that I am the perfect date to a wedding taking on whatever the role calls for. The ladies love me too, which doesn’t suck.

Sunday morning I met the world’s greatest siblings and the world’s greatest cat up at the cottage. It is currently getting a face-lift with a garage and loft apartment added on. We had a great dinner at the neighbors. The neighbor’s grandparents provided colorful stories, up from Florida, about their time on citizen patrol with the local police department.

Monday we woke up late, ran a few trails on the quads, had an amazing steak lunch, then drove home in the Labor Day traffic.

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